Kerala DBHPS Hindi Prachar Sabha Admission 2017

From the year 1922 to 1932, the Hindi Prachar movement in Kerala was progressed straight from the central office at Madras. In the year 1928, W.P. Ignatius, a cochin resident, was designated Propaganda Secretary and owing to his hard efforts in 1928, a significant resolution was wen through unanimously in the Cochin State Assembly. The resolution intention was to do study of Hindi mandatory in the former princely State of Cochin. Noticed by this C.Mathaji, who was then charing the Education Department, had the decision to launch Hindi as an elective subject in vital schools of the State.

Likewise in 1935, Travancore State passed an helpful resolution unanimously in its State Assembly to promote Hindi as an extra language across its schools after schools in Malabar area in 1936 which finished the process of including the entire current day Kerala region.

As the Kerala Provincial Sabha was commenced in 1936, Pandit Devadootji rolled as the Secretary. For years, the Secretary had to work hard even without any clerical aid. For very long time, Sundara Iyer and others had been working single-handed from Tripunithura, Malappuram & Ernakulam optionally until 1953. N. Venkateswaranji, defedning strong odds, purchased the land and building from where the Kerala Branch is working even today. Currently the present land and building are being utilized to stall the booksales, examination, press, post office & sammelan bhavan of the Kerala Branch.

The Sabha was arranging Vidyalayas for preliminary exams through its enormous Pracharaks. As per the needs, from time to time, it was expediting Visharad & Praveen Vidyalayas also for a quantum of years. Over twenty vidyalayas with hostel facilities were organized and were very famous. Pracharak & Training degrees have also been held for the advantage of students. Apart from Vidyalayas, to train students for University Hindi Vidwan exam, venues were started and the faculty members from colleges coached pupils. For a number of years individual Hindi Vidyalayas by prominent Pracharaks are peacefully operated even today.

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