How To Get Admission in DBHPS School Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya, Chennai?

DBHPS runs a cbse school name mahatma gandhi vidyalaya in chennai, tamil nadu. DBHPS has provisioned many good features for the students studying in this school. There are amenities and facilities which are global standard to take admission in this hindi medium school.

  • DBHPS MGV school library is spaciously equipped with reading room consisting big collection of books on different topics.
  • The mahatma gandhi vidyalaya school has lab facility for the primary and secondary board students.
  • The physical education of dbhps mgv school has both indoor and outdoor games. The school annually holds Sports Day in an exclusive way with a wide gathering in the witness of eminence scholars.
  • Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha managed MGV school has several Co-curricular Activities like Bhajan, Life Skill Classes such as Yoga & Meditation, Fine Arts Club, Literary Association, Science Club, Math Club, Book Club, Eco Club, Karuna Club, and Health & Wellness Club.
  • Lot of challenging contests are held every year to motivate the inherent skills of the children in fields like painting, drawing, music, arts, crafts and games.
  • The Computer Science department of Mahatma gandhi vidyalaya school imparts computer knowledge through its deputed skilled it professionals.
  • The Field Trips or Educational Tours organized by this school enables the pupil earn practical, and visual knowledge.
  • The MGV Annual Day is held at the campus of DBHPS, T Nagar, Chennai where the Teachers and Students are rewarded for their intelligence.

Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya
Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Campus
Thanikachalam Road, T. Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 017, India.
Telephone +9144 -2434 5486

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