How DBHPS Designs, Prints, Sells Books For City Public?

Hindi Prachar Samachar distributes Monthly Hindi language Magazine in the shape of DBHPS gazette. Close to 15 thousand print copies are circulated each month to the Pracharaks. It has entire information i.e., examination syllabus, exam date sheet, Convocation particulars, earlier examination papers and much more which are helpful to the pracharaks.

  • Dakshina Bharat Literary Magazine is released every 3 months where the articles on Literature, Language and Literary Translations are printed.
  • DBHPS Books Publication Section is accountable to print syllabus books designed for Lower & Higher Exams of Dakshin.
  • DBHPS publishes books on Southern Culture, Literature, Arts & Dictionaries (language of English Tamil to Hindi and viz). Swabodhini prints Hindi – English, Hindi – Tamil, Hindi – Telugu, Hindi – Kannad and Hindi – Malayalam is very popular with Pracharaks & public. The Hindi English Tamil Tri-Lingual Dictionary 1st part has been announced and every parts are in developments. The setting of Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus for Hindi class 1 to 10 has been entrusted to this prestigious Institution for the current year and it develops now. For the academic year 2011-2012, New syllabus books for Hindi Exams held by Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha have been launched where syllabus committee consists of members from NCERT.
  • In the DBHPS Books Sales Section the Pracharaks and the public can purchase Sabha Publications like syllabus books of Sabha Examinations, Swayam Sikshak (Hindi via south indian Languages) as well as Dictionaries and much more.
  • DBHPS City Sales Section has the records of registered Pracharaks of Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha as well as its branches. The Pracharaks are vital of Hindi Prachar Sabha. The section gives Certificates to Pracharaks for 1st and 2nd Grade on registration as pracharaks. Over 72000 Pracharaks have done registration with the Sabha and its Branches.
  • DBHPS Printing Section is the Hindi Prachar Press one of the state-of-the art printing unit of the DBHP Sabha. Stored with both letterpress & offset printing equipments, it has versatality with latest and aids the Sabha and other govt. depts. to print more and more study material for the use of people and to propogate Hindi.

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